WanderWorldsrace, thrive, survive.

You find yourself shipwrecked on an unknown world, your memories fogged and distant. All that matters right now is survival. If that goes to plan, then maybe you can figure out who you are and how to get off this planet. 

WanderWorlds is a fully-fledged living, breathing 3D universe powered by the Minecraft engine. Follow quests, compete with other players, and uncover a mysterious story. 

Wander Racing

You’ll need to fly fast and fight dirty if you’re going to make a name for yourself in WanderWorlds. Only the greatest pilots will have their names etched into the stars of WanderWorlds.

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Wander Planets

Welcome to your new home: a safe-haven personal planet ideal for recovery between races. Travel to your home-planet and collect dark matter, or train a worker to do it for you while you conquer WanderWorlds and search for a way back home.

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